Adoption Application – What’s in it?

Adoption Application




137 pages in our application! That is the result.

But what is IN the adoption application?

Just to give you a quick peek I am copying our

Adoption Application Cover Page / Index

to our completed adoption application:


1. Recommendation Letter from Swedish Friends of Children, International Adoption Society
2. Form for Enquiry on Prospective Adopters
3. Passport Copies of Family Members 
(We have 7 different passports…)

4. Photo Pages (11 pictures on 6 pages)
5. Birth Certificates / ”Extract of the Population Register”
(We have 7 people to document, including Kasper’s birth and death. Each doc is multiple pages. Plus, my American one!)
6. Marriage Certificate
7. Medical Certificates –

  • Medical Particulars of Prospective Adopters
  • Results for HIV Tests
  • Results for Urogenital tests
  • Specialist doctor certificate

8. Social Enquiry Report –

  • Home Study Report
  • Reference – Deputy & Mrs. Jakob Ström – Sweden’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Reference – Dr. & Mrs. Isak Svensson – Uppsala University
  • Reference – Dr. & Mrs. Björn Herrmann – Uppsala Academic Hospital
  • Certificate of Financial Situation / Pre-adoption Classes

9. References

  • Rev Christoffersson – Minister
  • Mr. Anders Bretz – Friend

10. Guardian Affidavit –

  • Guardians’ Letter of Consent
  • Guardians’ Passport Copies
  • Guardians’ Marriage Certificate
  • Information About Guardians

11. Report on financial means –

  • Report on Financial Means
  • Bank – Confirmation of Assets
  • Insurance Certificates
  • Specification of Salary

12. Certificate of Employment
13. Religious Affiliation – The Church of Sweden
14. Extract of the Swedish National Police Board / Background Check
15. Consent for Adoption
16. Adoption Procedures
17. Explanatory Memorandum
18. Undertaking by Foreign Adopters
19. Undertaking by Foreign Adoption Society
20. Copy ”Information on Adoption and Swedish Citizenship”. The original letter which is notarized has already been sent to Little Angels Network.

Respectfully submitted by Jonas & JoEllen Nordström in cooperation with Barnens Vänner

The application is not so difficult as it is simply challenging. It’s a game of finding, collecting, stamping, organizing and sending all the right pieces of the puzzle. For those who love to sort papers, it is quite fun as it includes good, old-fashioned printing, collating, and envelope stuffing.

The hard part is the wait afterwards. We’re told to expect no communication. The old, “Don’t call us; we’ll call you.” Or as they say in the military, “Hurry up and wait.”

So we’re following orders…

We’re waiting.



And even…

Dare I say it?



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